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About us...

We are a company based in Holland (Europe). We develop websites for fun, and we try to make some money doing it. We have experience in Internet technology for some years, and we decided to join efforts in building Internet sites. Our main philosophy is: "What do we search for on the Internet, but cannot find..." If that is the case, we build it ourselves, to add our bit of extra to the world wide web. Anything goes, from link sites, information, e-commerce and even erotica. There's a lot of stuff on the net, but often very hard to find, or just not good enough. We try to fill that gap.

Domain registering?

We don't buy,  trade or collect domainnames, just to make a profit. When we register a domain, there is going to be a website behind it, adding something to the internet. So there's no need contacting us whether we want to buy, sell, trade or register a domain name just for that! Like many people we get really frustrated when we look for a domain, only to find that it has been taken by someone guy thinking he was really clever claiming the domain for a future profit. Domain-names don't make the internet, content does!

We build your site?

If you have a nice idea and want to cooperate or need our help devolping it; yes we might be interested. Look here.

If you need a site and want us to do the work, we might! Occasionally we develop sites for a third-party. Contact us for info.


We hope you enjoy the Internet as much as we do!

Andre & Freek.

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