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Do you want your own website, with your own domain? But you don’t want to go through all the trouble in getting things set up? We will do it for you!

We service your hosting wishes !

We register your .com, .net or .org domain (if available) on your name, and we will take care of all hosting setup trouble. If this is finished we will give you the simple details on configuring everything yourself from there. For instance, you can setup your own email accounts, use FTP to upload your site, and view your website statistics.  Click here for the supported features.

We have several options, which can of course be combined:

Registration of .com, .org or .net domain € 20 per year
Registration of .tv domain € 60 per year
Registration of .nl domain € 20 per year (Sold only in combination with hosting)
Hosting € 100 per year
Referring a new client to us ! € 10 discount on your next payment !


Sites for You does not host these sites itself! The sites are hosted by reliable companies with a very good track record in services. However, your contacts go through us, and we make sure you get the best service possible! We will deal with technical issues, complaints and questions on your behalf.

The only thing we do not interfere with is your site content. That’s your job!

We prefer sending bills by email and getting payment via bank transfer or PayPal, but this can be arranged otherwise if you want.

If you want extra information, do not wait to contact us at: sales@sites-for-you.com or visit our website: www.sites-for-you.com.

Oh, one last thing, before you decide to use services, please read the precise conditions very carefully.