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Join Us, and develop your own ideas on the Internet!

Do you want to develop your own website but you don't know how? Afraid to make that first step? Not sure whether you should spend hundreds of dollars on something you're not sure about? Long ago, we had the same problem, and we fixed it. Over time we have developed several sites, and we start to get a feeling on what will work, and what won't.

Now we can help you as well. We are open for any suggestion for a website. If we like your idea, we'll help you to put it on the net.

We can provide knowledge, hosting, domain names, PR, billing and very good web developers. And it will still be your site!

You want to co-operate with us in developing your idea into a website? Contact us at info@sites-for-you.com with a subject like "New Site idea". We'll answer as soon as we can, and maybe we will like your idea. Then we can together enrich the internet with your plan!

Please note, we do not invest money, only our services.

If you know what you want, and all you ask us is to set up domains and hosting, see section Hosting.